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Instantly Improve Your Diet Program By Not Doing 3 Things

There are obvious and not so obvious ways to instantly wreck a weight loss plan that you're on and ways to instantly improve it.
The mistakes that one might make that seem harmless can determine whether you succeed or fail in your goal to shed the weight.
Also, being unaware that certain things are mistakes in the first place can put your efforts to lose weight in serious jeopardy.
By avoiding these mistakes you can instantly improve any diet program by not doing the things that would hold you back.
Drinking Too Many Calories.
When counting the calories in each meal don't forget to count the calories in what you drink.
Some people when on a diet forget that what they drink has calories that need to be counted too.
Too much orange juice for example with your first meal of the day can actually ruin that meal in terms of calories consumed.
A good idea for getting some vitamin C without taking in too many calories is to eat an orange instead of drinking orange juice.
You get the vitamin C without the extra calories.
The best thing to drink at any time while on a diet program is water.
Drinking water has many health benefits but there is one benefit for someone on a diet that's really helpful.
The fact that water has no calories.
Ruining Your Diet Foods With Condiments.
Most people don't realize that the dressings and condiments added to their diet food can be just as bad for their weight loss efforts as the junk food they have eliminated from their diets.
Overloading a salad with Ranch dressing and condiments defeats the purpose of eating a salad in the first place.
Since this is food you are going to be eating while on your diet the best thing to do is to simply enhance the flavor of the food itself not cover it up or change it with too much dressing and condiments.
Make healthy choices when it comes to dressings and use in moderation.
If you're eating fruits for snacks, their flavor can be enhanced by adding some low-fat yogurt.
Also, the flavor of raw vegetables can be spiced up with certain dips and spreads like hummus and tahini.
Not Having A Cheat Day.
A great effort should be greatly rewarded.
Denying yourself some type of reward for sticking to your plan can actually sabotage your resolve to stay on track.
I don't mean going on an all night junk food binge or picking a day where you eat anything you want and as much of it as you want but, a day where you reward yourself for all the work you've been putting in the majority of the time.
This can also help motivate you to stick to your diet.
You can reward yourself by having one piece of your favorite dessert or a scoop of ice cream at the end of the week if you are faithful during the week to your diet program.
This is a snack that is guilt free because you'll feel that you earned it.
It can also reduce the anxious feelings that sometimes go along with being on a diet that might tempt you to cheat way too much or quit.
Being careful not to choose one of the many fad diet products or weight loss scams out there and picking a plan that's right for you is very important.
Having a positive attitude towards reaching your goal also is very helpful.
Then there are the things to avoid to ensure your success.
Knowing what not to do is just as important as knowing what to do.
Not making any of the three mistakes above are some of the important knowing what not to do things and will instantly improve your diet program.

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