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Great BBQ in DFW: Bone Daddy"s House of Smoke Rating

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Bone Daddy's serves up some smokin' good barbecue, chicken, burgers, salads and more. They put a lot of work into preparing your meal because their smokers are cooking 24/7. I think you'll love the results too.

Beer Can Chicken

I started with the Beer Can Chicken. It's a whole chicken that's been marinated, stuffed with an actual beer and smoked to perfection in Daddy's 250-degree smoke box.

I've had Beer Can Chicken before -- not in a restaurant -- but this was some of the best BC Chicken I've ever eaten. You could taste the spices, the smoke and the beer that cooked inside the chicken gave it a moist, delicious texture. Anyone that's a fan of chicken cooked on the grill will love this special twist on an old favorite.


Let's dive right into the ribs. Babybacks are served in either a 1/2 or full rack. These babies are smoked slow and low in the cooler of Daddy's two smokers (about 200 degrees) and mopped with a savory honeysuckle sauce. (Mopping just means just lathering the ribs with a sauce or marinade). ($22 full rack/$15 half rack.)

I usually prefer Baby Backs but the Spare Ribs are seared, rubbed, mopped and smoked twice and to-die-for good. The mopping sauce was delicious and I really preferred the Spare Ribs over the Babies -- by a small margin -- but they were both tasty dishes I would order either again. ($17/$14).

Eating ribs can be a little messy. You can slide the meat off the bone because it's so tender -- but the best thing to do is just bite into it.

Rolls of paper towels are within reach and hot towels are available as well. That's a nice touch because a good rib is always a little messy. And the messier the better in my book.

Other Meats

Bone Daddy's Brisket has the perfect amount of bark on it (that's out the dark outside edge) and that delicious smoky wood flavor from cooking it for hours. Brisket is one of the toughest cuts of beef but when smoked over a low heat, it's tender and delicious. Daddy's has it down. Order it on a sandwich or sliced on a platter with some delicious sides. The Pepper'd Turkey is also moist and flavorful and it's not just for Thanksgiving. Order it as a sandwich with fries for the perfect meal!


Side dishes at barbecue joints can be there as a flavorless decoration. Some open a can of beans and add one or two ingredients and call it "home made." Wrong! Bone Daddy's Famous Skillet-Head Beans set the bar for barbecue side dishes. It's not a simple toss of this and that into some pre-fab beans. This savory bean dish takes two days to prepare starting with smoked brisket and ending up with the best side of beans you've ever tasted.

The Cheesy Roadhouse Spuds include everything but the kitchen sink and don't miss the Classic Mac 'n Cheese if you're in the mood for some comfort food.


Save room for dessert! My favorite dessert was Sweetie's Pie, which is peach cobbler with vanilla ice cream. I think peach cobbler is the perfect way to end a meal. It's sweet, it's delish, it's comfort food. Nana's Pudding is your traditional banana pudding and it's pretty tasty too.

You have to respect a cocktail that has a smoked rib inside the drink. The Smokin' Mary isn't your typical Bloody Mary. Besides the ginormous olives, it also contains a savory smoked rib. You have to love the Southern spin on this hangover elixir.

The waitresses that serve up the food are dressed in "Southern sexy" attire but they are just as sweet as the desserts. It's totally OK to bring the kids and Grandma too.

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Metroplex Locations

Arlington: 415 East Interstate 20, Arlington, Texas 76018. 817-704-7744
Dallas: 8856 Spring Valley, Dallas, TX 75240. 214-575-3050
Grapevine: 1720 William D Tate Ave, Grapevine, TX 76051. 817-251-0835
Plano: 3916 North Dallas Parkway, Plano, TX 75093. 214-919-1492
Bone Daddy's House of Smoke also has locations in Webster and Austin.

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As is common in the industry, the writer was provided with complimentary food and beverages for the purpose of the review. While it has not influenced this review, believes in full disclosure.

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