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Where Can I Meet Local Singles?


    • was established as a way for single people to connect with new friends and love interests, especially if you are new to an area. Just enter your zip code on the front page and any topic of interest you have (such as Salsa or television) and you will be taken to a list of meetup groups in your general area. Meetups can be anything from a group meeting at a dance lesson to converging at someone's house to watch your favorite television show. This is an ideal opportunity to strike up conversation with another single person.

    Networking Events

    • If you want to avoid bars and clubs, sign up to become a part of a social or business networking club in your area. For instance, there may be a chapter of your college's alumni club in your city or a networking association for young professionals in your area. You will meet for happy hours, luncheons and other low-pressure venues where you can find business contacts and meet other like-minded single people. Search for a networking event at, or a similar site. The online membership is usually free.

    Plenty of Fish

    • If you want a free online dating option, is a popular site with over 10 million members. You can establish a profile, take a personality quiz and search through listings of other singles in your specific area. If you are interested in someone, just send a message or add the person to your favorites list. Always be careful when meeting strangers online (or in any other forum)---meet in a public place and take some time to get to know the person online and over the phone first. See References, below, for more tips regarding online dating.

    Volunteer Events and Classes

    • Another ideal place to meet local singles is at community service events and classes (like pottery and dancing) because 1) there are likely other single people in attendance looking for something to do, 2) you can go alone and not feel intimidated, and 3) the fact that the other people are interested in helping others or learning is a positive sign. Check your newspaper or to find events and classes near you.

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