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Building Link Popularity Using 5 Simple Methods

Building link popularity doesn't exactly mean that you must link to as many webpages as you can.
Building as many backlinks as you may be viewed as link spamming and it can get you penalized.
But when you are building link popularity, you need to really pay attention to the quality and relevancy of the backlinks that you are gaining.
Discussed here, are 6 powerful steps that will help you increase your website's link popularity.
The first step to building link popularity involves submitting articles to the various article directories online.
Most article directories allow you to place a link to your website from the resource box.
If you write decent, high quality articles, other webmasters will snatch up your articles and place it on their website as well, thus improving your link popularity even the more.
So not only can you get backlinks from the article directories themselves, but you can also get them from the various sites that post your article.
The second step to building link popularity involves posting blog comments.
Just do a search on Google and try to locate the various blogs in your niche that allow you to submit a comment.
You must make sure the comment is interesting and useful.
Also, don't forget to include your url in the comment.
Join forums in order to build link popularity.
Search for forums that are related to your target market and add a link to your website within the signature file.
In order to increase traffic to your site, you must participate in the discussion.
You can offer your opinion or you can start your own thread by posting an article.
When building link popularity, you can also syndicate your website.
If you have a blog, then you need to make sure that your blog also provides its own XML or RSS feed.
When readers enjoy your content and find value in it, they will include your rss feed on their website for others to see.
Aside from one way backlinks, it also means an increase in web traffic as well.
A good strategy for building link popularity involves building your blogroll.
Look for well-established blogs and request if they can include your blog within their blogroll.
If the blog gets a lot of traffic, you can benefit from their link popularity and traffic.
But when participating in a blogroll, the good thing for you to do is to return the favor by placing the blog owner's link within your blogroll.

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