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6 Of the Best Undiscovered Activities in Bali

Think you know Bali? Think again.
So much more than the pristine beaches, surfers, spas and rice fields.
Bali is an island with a rich culture, abundant with lush tropical forest that showcases internationally acclaimed art and cuisine.
While the warm weather and beach lifestyle draw tourists in, it is the magical spirituality that makes Bali stand out, and stay with you long after you leave.
For those who want to get to know the other side of Bali we've compiled a list of 5 of the Best Undiscovered Activities in Bali.
Yoga - Though the success of Eat Pray Love has catapulted yoga and health tourism to Bali, it is still the perfect activity for those wanting to relax and find their inner zen.
There is a genuine, unpretentious vibe blanketing Bali that, combined with the lush landscapes, promises those who practice yoga here, serenity and balance.
Jewelry Course - Creating fine jewelry for centuries there are a large number of silversmiths particularly around the Ubud area, many of whom offer half day courses in the art of jewelry making.
Design and create your own unique piece of jewelry in just a few hours! Canyon Tubing - Adrenaline junkies will love Canyon Tubing north of Ubud.
Drift down the semi-wild stream while taking in the incredible scenery of the area.
Completely immerse yourself in the unspoiled nature of the region, spotting monkeys and wildlife along the way.
Literary Discussions - Every year Ubud holds a festival for readers and writers, The annual Writers & Readers Festival is a five day innovative event of literary workshops, discussions and launches.
If you can't make main event; Bar Luna, Ubud, holds literary discussions every Tuesday and Thursday night.
Balinese Art and Cultural Classes - No matter where you are in Bali you will notice the attention paid to aesthetic details.
Bali harbors an innate creativity, the essence of which is present throughout the island.
There are a large number of art classes available in various different medias.
Try painting, ceramic or batik classes, to name a few.
Stay - Enchanted Seclusion - Overlooking an ocean of verdant green rice feilds and Mount Batukaru in the Distance, Enchanted Seclusion welcomes you to a world of enchantment, seclusion and tranquility.
This is an outstanding villa close to the town which includes 4 pavilions each with their own private garden.
Relax in the swimming pool overlooking the rice fields.

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