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How to Save $100 on Your Next Vehicle - Just 1 Simple Step

If you've ever bought a car before, you may have been intimidated when it came down to negotiating the purchase price.
Not everyone is a professional negotiator, but you have advantages that that you can use to save yourself some money.
Here's how: Firstly, I'm going to assume that the sale process is down to the "nuts and bolts", so to speak.
You've selected a vehicle, test driven it and you are now prepared to purchase this vehicle - if the price is right.
It is very important that you let your sales person get you to this point.
Most dealerships won't take your negotiating seriously unless you have taken the time and effort to at least drive the vehicle that you are looking to purchase.
Why can't I just negotiate a price, and if I like it THEN I'll drive it? The simple answer is: Because it doesn't work like that.
Salespeople and managers are trained exhaustively in their professions.
It can cost a lot of money to bring a single customer in the door, so the dealership reserves the right to conduct business in a way that will increase the amount of cars that they sell.
Any place that sells cars has some sort of a process that they follow.
If you allow yourself to be led by this process, you will be more likely to be taken seriously in your quest to purchase a vehicle.
In the car business there are countless numbers of "tire kickers" that enjoy looking at and driving vehicles with no intent to purchase them.
As a commissioned employee, your salesperson needs to know that you are serious.
Now, the money saving part...
You are now going to be very excited about the prospect of buying the vehicle that you just drove.
You like the color, its way nicer than what you are currently driving, or it will suit your purposes nicely.
Whatever the reasons are for your purchase, most times there is excitement felt at the prospect of getting a new vehicle.
This is a major purchase.
Be prepared to walk away.
That's right; you need to take your time.
If you are not prepared to walk away from the deal, you can never maintain the upper hand in a negotiation.
Everyone has their own style of negotiating, and I cannot teach you how to negotiate in one simple article, but I can save you $100.
Negotiate in any way that you like.
When you get to an agreed upon price that you are happy with, its time to use my secret.
Vehicles are expensive, and $100 may not seem like a lot of money when considering the purchase price, but its still $100 that you get to keep.
It's $100 that you earned.
So, when you come to a price that you are willing to pay, and that is also a price that the dealer is willing to sell you the vehicle at, ask for another $100 discount.
It's that simple.
Remember, you have to be prepared to walk away from the deal if the dealer isn't willing to concede another discount.
Get up, and walk out of the office that you're in and tell him that the only way you will buy today is if you get another $100 off the purchase price.
This works in leasing and financing as well.
Asking for this additional discount may only work out to a few dollars a month, but every penny that you make is to be cherished and spent with forethought.
If you follow this simple plan, you can save $100 on you next car, truck, boat or RV purchase.
While saving money is important to me in my personal life, so is making it.
Everyone needs a coach or mentor to get them the knowledge and experience that they need.
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