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How to Gain Weight and Muscle

Everyone wants to look pretty and handsome.
We all work out to get a great and beautiful body.
Lots of people suffer from being overweight, but there are also people who have problem with gaining weight.
They can build strong muscles, but not as big as they want them to be.
The problem is: How to gain weight and muscle? The only way you can gain both is by adjusting your diet.
Our body uses a lot of energy for such processes as metabolism, maintaining temperature and liquid homeostasis.
If you live an active life, you have no extra calories left and your body can't gain weight and muscle.
There are many diets available nowadays that can help you solve this problem.
Only three nutrients give us energy and the material for muscle building.
They are: fat, carbohydrates and proteins.
Your task is to find the most suitable balance between them.
You have to work out and develop the needed balance between daily fats, carbohydrates, and proteins.
According to your individual metabolism and activity, you have to get the calories which would fulfill all your needs and also give energy to build your muscles.
After you have decided on your diet program, get a good fitness professional to develop an individual training program.
Use common sense.
Do not rush to greater weight-lifting; training should bring pleasure not pain.
There are also many good books on how to gain weight and muscle, that could be very helpful in the beginning of your way to the perfect body.
The essential part here is to consult your doctor.
If you have some health problems like osteochondrosis or some pathology in your back or joints, it may be contraindicated to start a heavy body building.
Get all the information you need before you start working out.
Remember your goal is to achieve maximum results without harming yourself.

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