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How to Cut Out Rotted Wood by a Toilet Flange

    • 1). Feel the wood around the flange to determine how much of it is rotted. The rotted part will not be firm and may even be splintering and breaking apart.

    • 2). Draw a square around the rotted wood with a straightedge and a carpenter's pencil. This will ensure that you cut out an area that will be easier to replace with new wood.

    • 3). Install a blade into the end of a reciprocating saw designed for cutting wood products. Since reciprocating saws vary in design, follow the instructions for your particular model for installing a blade.

    • 4). Hold the saw securely with both hands at a 90-degree angle to the floor. Pull the trigger to engage the blade then cut into the floor on the pencil line you drew. Cut around the entire perimeter of the marked square until all the wood inside the square has been removed.

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