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The 5 Most Important Tips When Starting To Train Your Dog

If you want to train your dog the right way, then here are 5 of the most important things to remember to get started on training your dog.
These are the 5 key points I learned when I first started training my puppy that helped me out tremendously.
Always establish yourself as the alpha dog or pack leader.
This is the single most important thing to remember when training your dog.
Everything you hear about dog training stems from this and is what all the dog experts do to train their dog.
Always position yourself as the boss in the relationship with your dog.
Use positive reinforcement.
It has been scientifically proven that dogs respond better to positive reinforcement instead of scolding, hitting or yelling.
It's the like the old saying goes "You can catch more flies with honey than vinegar.
" This is especially true when training your dog.
So, the next time your dog does something good or obeyed a command, reward him.
Now this doesn't have to be a treat.
It can be a belly rub or a simple praise.
This proves that you don't have to hit or yell at your dog to get him to listen to you.
Always set goals that are realistic.
Goals are super important when it comes to training your dog but don't think you're going to teach your dog to play piano by next week.
Not only will you frustrate yourself but you're going to frustrate your dog as well.
Start with something simple.
For example, you can set a goal to teach him one command every few days.
That way your dog is happy and you always feel like you're accomplishing your goals.
It also keeps you motivated so you don't get discouraged and give up after a few days.
Always use proper timing.
A lot of people make the mistake of correcting their dogs a while after they've caused the trouble.
For example, if you come after work and see that your dog has done their business on the kitchen floor, it's useless to scold him or her now.
They won't know what they've done wrong.
So, make sure you correct their behaviour right after they've done it if possible.
Be consistent.
If you let one of your mistakes go by that could end up being a disaster.
Your dog will end up thinking that it's okay to do what they just did.
So be consistent or you might be confusing your dog and frustrating yourself.
These are the 5 most important starter tips when starting to train your dog.

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