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4 of the Most Common Mistakes Men Make With Women - Part 3

After years that I've trained men to be successful with women I noticed that there's a number of mistakes that most men repeat again and again.
Those mistakes prevent men to succeed with women and it hurts their happiness.
I will talk about each mistake separately.
Let's Begin: 1) We allow women to make decisions for us and to lead us - when a girl asks us: "Where do you want to go tonight?" we answer: "I dunno, where do you want to go?" We have no balls, literally.
Women want a man who will lead them, a man that will take care of them, a man that will make decisions for them, women need our leadership.
The goal is not to become a "control freak"; the goal is leadership and trust.
The goal is dominance, not superiority.
2) Men allow the woman to have control over the conversation and they let her talk on whatever she wants to talk about.
And then, without noticing we get into heavy conversations about education, work etc.
Actually, if you'll allow the girl to lead the conversation, really quickly the conversation will reach a dead end.
Our lives would have been much easier if we knew how to lead the conversation into more emotional places, and as you've probably already realized, emotions is like oxygen for women.
3) We afraid to express what we think out loud.
So we filter what we have to say and jam the conversation.
Or we make ordinary and boring conversation like most men, and then we fall to the same category, like most men (just friends or suitors) 4) Unconsciously we are afraid of success.
Yes, just like that - we unconsciously afraid to be successful with women.
Being successful with women has a high price along with all the benefits.
For an example, did you knew that many of your friends are going to be jealous of you when they will see that you have tremendous success with women? Being successful with women takes much responsibility and a serious change of attitude.
Many men are too proud to seek help in this area.
Many men are in denial - many people would argue with you about the subject of learning how to be successful with women and will make claims that it's not going to help, only to protect their ego.
If you recognized yourself doing one of these mistakes it means that you have a place you need to improve.
You already did the first step - you recognized the problem.
In order to be successful with women there's no need to learn techniques, pickup lines or tricks.
In general, people have inner problems and they think that tricks and techniques are going to help them to hide their problems - it doesn't works this way.
Now, in order to be successful with women you need to put aside the ego and many of the things we believe in today, and to get a whole new perspective on the subject.
Each and every one of us has his own way of doing things.
Sometimes when you are not happy with the results that you get, maybe it means that you need to change the way in which you are doing things.
Today, you have your own way of behavior with women and it doesn't give you any results or it gives you poor results.
I invite you to step in a new road and I promise you that whoever is going to walk this new road will get every result he wants.
Now after we went through the common mistakes that men make with women, let's see what most men assume is going to bring them success with women.

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