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Does He Like Me? Finding Out the Steps

Does he like me? Trying to figure out the things that will make you learn if a guy likes you is exasperating at times.
But, there are many signs and clues that you can look for and if you notice them in your guy then you probably are in for a treat because he might just has his eye on you like the way that you do.
Does he like me? There are actually a lot of questions that you need to answer before you can eventually answer this major one.
Look at them carefully and see if your guy is really doing those.
1 - Is making eye contact with you longer than what is necessary? This simple gesture can definitely say his interest in you.
A guy who is not interested will only be polite but will not make any eye contact more than necessary during a conversation.
2 - Is he making excuses why he appears suddenly in your place or anywhere where you can be seen? It is funny how men do this at times.
They just want to see you but they can't admit that to themselves.
3 - Is he asking your friends about you? The reason for this is when guys just want to know more about you before they start doing their moves.
They want to get to know you through your friends, which is the reason why they are doing this.
4 - Does he tend to take interest in the same interests that you have? When a man is in love, you tend to influence his life.
He tends to take interest in the things that you do and make them his own.
If you answered "yes" to all of the above questions, then you have already answered "yes" to the question "Does he like me?"

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