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Directions for a Tissue Pompom

    • 1). Stack eight sheets of 20-inch by 30-inch tissue paper evenly. Turn the stack with a narrow end facing you.

    • 2). Fold the bottom edge of the stack 1 1/2 inches upward. Crease the fold.

    • 3). Fold the rest of the stack like a fan -- accordion style. Crease following each fold.

    • 4). Tie the stack at the center with a piece of ribbon or lightweight wire.

    • 5). Trim the ends of each fold with sharp scissors. Cut the tips into points or round them.

    • 6). Set the stack of paper on one edge. Fan the sides out to resemble a butterfly.

    • 7). Pull the edge of the top sheet of the left side of the stack gently upward. Peel it toward the tied center to separate it from the rest of the stack so that it stands up straight. Repeat for the top sheet on the right side of the stack.

    • 8). Separate the rest of the sheets one at a time. Pull and fluff all the sheets gently to shape the pompom as you like.

    • 9). Hang the tissue pompom from the ceiling with ribbon or fishing line. Suspend them at varying heights for an attractive display.

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