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For over 15 years there's been dozens of variations of interactive TV boxes around the globe. Fist rule is that they have all failed! Why is it that companies are still banging their heads and wasting millions upon even billions in to this impenetrable wall? Don't they get it already?

One must be a true believer to buy interactive TV box and to be even more believer in manufacturing one, thinking that people would really go for one certain box brand produced by one certain company. On top of that you have digital boxes, cable boxes, next generation game consoles, PVR', satellite boxes, DVD'… Who really wants to get an additional box on top of all these boxes in their living room?

Question goes: Which "box" is in about 99,9 percent western homes already? Which box can you say is truly a global and works with the same standard? Which box you could already use as a tool for interactive TV? Answer: Personal Computer a.k.a PC.

Software, mainframes and infrastructure are the only solution for a truly global TV success feature. At the end game on top of pc', personal video recorders, digital boxes and game consoles even mobile phone can become a "box" one day.

Think of producing TV-program clips on the go. Think of recycling all the global footage that is in digitalized mode. Think of tracking, paying and getting copyright revenue. Think of 100' of millions producers. Think of 100' of millions participants or players. This sounds better than interactive TV – doesn't it?

This is why television isn't by any means going to be dead. It is taking a deep breath but there's a future and this future has already also a name: iWiTTY TV – World's first patented TV concept.

"There are three major sources of revenue in the living room: games, Internet and TV," said Alan Yates, director of marketing for the WebTV platforms division.
"The people that put together the most compelling product based on a combination of those subsidies will be very successful."

iWiTTY TV concept combines living rooms three deadly sins: Television, Games and Internet. Merging these three billion dollar industries together has been on the drawing board for last two decades and it has been called: Holy Grail of Content or Killer Application that no one has yet managed to tame - Until now.

People will be able to create broadcast quality TV productions at home. Those who have internet connection can download software that enables them to modify any digitized licensed video footage.

This footage could be sport clips, nature flicks, b-movies, flopped series or any other material that licensors want to get revitalized by the viewers. With the iWiTTY TV success everyone owning footage licenses will line up to create their own products and dozens of new TV series and -formats will submerge.

Viewer-producers can edit given material by adding comic bubbles, animations, shouts, comments, sound effects, digital masks, music, stills, headlines and other effects to their TV production clip. Aim is simply to entertain or educate other viewers, gain success, rankings, credits and ultimately cash and stardom.

Web preview and voting method sees that only the funniest (most educating, most scary, most entertaining, most...) clips will be in the main stream. Best of the best clips will end up to real TV producers' screening rooms. Clips that will be broadcast in tens of new television formats will be upgraded from original video footage store to the required broadcast quality. Those clips that won't make it to even night time TV-broadcasts will be shown on the Web and sold in collections on DVD, downloads or in iWiTTY clip market place.
Unlike in current video up- and downloads on the web, footage is directly licensed for the purpose and licensor's get their share of the profits from the software sales and global TV broadcasts, which can be calculated by the fraction of the second. Also there's no need to send the whole package but "video in and video out" marks since footage data exists already in mainframes. This will make uploading fast.

Sounds intriguing? How about this then? This patented concept is just looking for the right partner and with a little luck your company could be developing the next generation TV product for the mass market.

This could very well be the shot in the arm that television industry has been so desperately waiting for. By letting viewers do the programs, they can cut costs, recycle footage and thus save nature, but yet keep people hooked by watching their own productions from TV. This is the way generation Y wants it.

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