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Wedding - Tips For Surviving the Big Day

The dresses have been altered, the cake is frosted and the decorations are in the hall.
The time for planning is over.
Now's the time to take it all in and enjoy.
The wedding day is about the couple, their devotion and commitment to each other.
It's also about having fun.
Realizing that and actually allowing oneself the leeway to relax and enjoy are as different as day and night for many.
The fact is nerves and emotions tend to get the better of people on this day of all days.
Overwhelming feelings of happiness, elation and even a little bittersweet sorrow at saying goodbye to the past can all get tossed into the mix and make "The Big Day" seem like a torture session.
Turning this around is possible.
With a little planning, at least some of the detail-oriented stress can be taken out of the day entirely.
Be prepared to feel a roller coaster of emotions, however.
This can go for the groom as much as the bride.
To help take the stress, or at least some of it, out of the day, try: Getting it ready early - If you know you'll be a mess in the morning, go ahead and lay everything out the night before.
Whether it's the dress, shoes, veil, hose and garter or the tux and its accoutrements, just have these things in order as early as possible.
If necessary, make a list of the things you'll need a few days in advance and check it off as you go the evening before.
Set appointments smartly - If the wedding is at 7 p.
, don't get hair and make up done at 9 a.
Try to plan any pre-ceremony appointments close enough to the actual time of the event, but far enough away to allow wiggle room if traffic or other delays crop up.
Focus - Remember, today is all about you, your intended and sharing your love for each other with your family and friends.
It's not really about a cake, decorations or shiny rings on two fingers.
Focus on what is important and allow that to guide you as you go.
No matter how hard people plan or how much they take care of in advance, there's always some teeny, tiny minor glitch on the day of a big event.
It doesn't matter if the couple handles the pre-wedding preparations completely on their own, if family is involved or even a professional planner is in the driver's seat, something somewhere will likely be out of place.
A wedding day, however, is special above all.
When attention is paid to what is really important and what might not be quite as much, the little things tend to not get in the way.
Twenty years down the road, you're not likely to remember that the turkey was just a tad too dry.
Don't sweat the small stuff.
The day is about you and your intended.
Cherish it.
Enjoy it.
Above all, live it.

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