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Prom Theme Ideas on a Budget

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      A prom's theme sets the tone for the evening. Everything is based on it: attire, decorations, party favors, music, prizes, photography backgrounds and activities. If your school has a small budget set aside for prom night, you might worry that your options are few. But there are themes that don't require a lot of money--if you're clever about finding supplies at thrift stores, the school's theater department or students' homes.


    • Broadway is a versatile and inexpensive prom themebroadway market image by BEN from

      Broadway is an affordable theme for a prom. Use classic black and white for backdrops. Decorations can consist of red curtains (often found in school storage spaces), plastic comedy and tragedy masks, top hats and fedoras found in the theater department or at thrift stores, and posters of Broadway plays and stars that be printed out inexpensively. This versatile theme allows students to dress in practically any style, which can lower their parents' budgets as well. If you decide to go with this theme, don't forget to include Broadway show tunes throughout the night.

    Starlit Walk

    School Musical Theme

    • Use a musical performed recently at the school as the theme. Use the props, backdrops and costumes from the show as decorations. This will be a big hit if it was a popular musical such as "Grease," "Hairspray," "Wicked" or "The Wizard of Oz." This theme also gives the actors and actresses a chance to reminisce and be a part of the festivities.


    • Select a musical style, such as jazz, as your prom theme. This will be affordable because allows you to focus on the music. Use any sort of retro decorations that you find at thrift stores or as students to lend things from home. You can also cut out paper music notes, silhouettes of saxophones and other instruments for the walls and tables. Spend most of your time and energy into creating a great playlist.

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