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How to Win More Coins While Searching on

    • 1). Try 4Loot anytime you want to look up something on the Internet. Search the way you would on any search engine.

    • 2). Search at a leisurely pace to get around 4Loot's system of detecting bogus searches. If you search too much or put in bogus searches, the system will stop you from winning more coins.

    • 3). Return several times a day to do web searches on 4Loot rather than performing all of your searches in one session.

    • 4). Participate in 4Loot's daily quiz. If you know the answer to the trivia question, enter it as a search and you will likely win some coins.

    • 5). Set 4Loot as your homepage and set 4Loot to be your default browser search engine with the button on 4Loot's "Earn More Loot" page.

    • 6). Install the 4Loot toolbar, which provides a search box and whose shopping component lets you automatically earn coins by shopping online.

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