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The Magic of Making Up Reviews - Can it Really Help You Repair Your Relationship?

The Magic of Making Up claims to have helped more than 50,000 people worldwide get their relationship back on track.
It is the most popular online guide for getting your ex back.
So let's see whether this book works or just another popular junk guide.
The Magic of Making Up Reviews Author Background The author of this book is T W Jackson (T Dub).
First things first, T Dub is not a relationship guru.
He claims this himself.
He does not have a psychology degree to back him up or anything.
So I was asking then, why should we listen to him right? Well, from what I can dig out, he gained his experience from helping couples get back together.
He is an ex military man and has lived in many countries due to his postings and meet many different kinds of people.
And it seemed that many of his friends came to him to ask for advice whenever they have relationship problems.
So he honed his skills by helping real people get their relationship back on track.
So let's see whether all that experience shows up in his book.
What's Inside "The Magic of Making Up" eBook Alright so let's see what's inside the Magic of Making Up book.
I was pleasantly surprised to find several great techniques that I found very useful.
The Fast Forward technique teaches you to sort out your mind and get your head straight.
You know after a breakup, you are often lost and this helps a lot to clear things up and let you see what you need to do next.
Next I found two things that I really find very revealing about relationships.
First is the core reason why men leave women and it is not because of sex or a prettier face.
Most women it seems don't have a clue why their men leave them.
Next, it's the guys turn.
Men often claim that they don't understand what their women want.
After reading it in this book, I really tend to agree with what it said about what women want the most from their men but often don't get it.
If you don't understand this, it's a matter of time your woman looks for it somewhere else.
I especially like the chapter about the magic of Pattern Breaking.
Here it teaches you how to recapture the romance that was there when the relationship first starts and which is lost through the passage of time.
And if you are trying to get a date with your ex, there is a section on what to say and when to say it.
It is often difficult to get back on a date with your ex due to all the hurt there is between the two of you.
So it is a quite a relief to learn about this technique.
So well, it does seem that T Dub's experience in helping couples get back together shows up in the book through these techniques.
There are a few more useful techniques inside and I come away quite impressed with several of them.
The Bad Thing About The Magic of Making Up If there is one thing that is bad about the Magic of Making Up is the fact that some of the techniques are such powerful psychological tools that it can be misused and abused.
In fact, I cringe a bit when reading about some of the techniques due to how it might be used by unscrupulous people for selfish purposes.
So do I think that The Magic of Making Up will be able to help you repair your relationship and get your ex back? Well the book is not perfect and sometimes I wish that there is a little bit more explanation on some of the techniques.
But overall, I do find many useful techniques inside that will help you get your ex back and put your relationship back on firmer ground.

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