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How to Make Her Want You and Never Stop Thinking About You

As a man out there in the dating world, you don't want to be the kind of guy that has mostly hit and miss success with women.
You don't want to have one night a month where you seem to be on point with women and have the rest of the month feeling like a total dud with women.
That wouldn't be much fun at all, and really rather depressing to say the least.
So, how can you make a woman want you and NEVER stop thinking about you? Is it even really possible or is it just wishful thinking that a guy like you can have that kind of appeal and that kind of attraction with a woman? See, this is where most guys screw things up.
They immediately assume that for whatever reason, they just were not destined to be "lucky" enough to have that kind of magnetic attraction with a woman that she would want you and never stop thinking about you.
The truth is, even pretty average guys can have this kind of success with women, as long as you know what it is that a woman is looking for and what it is that a woman responds to.
Really the last part is more important than anything, What a woman says she is looking for in a guy and the kinds of guys that she falls for are usually two VERY different things.
So, what should you do to make her want you and NEVER stop thinking about you? 1.
You have to be mysterious with a woman.
You don't want to meet a woman and then within a few minutes tell her everything that she could ever want to know about you and a whole lot of things that she probably never even wanted to know in the first place.
Being the mysterious kind of guy is an EASY way to get her mind racing and thinking about you all of the time.
You have to possess magnetic sexual attraction.
How many times have you heard a woman state that she couldn't stop thinking about a particular guy and she didn't have a clue as to why this was? If you have any female friends that you are close to, then no doubt you have heard this before.
You want to know what these guys have that make her think about them all of the time? They possess magnetic sexual attraction and there is a strong "pull" that a woman naturally feels towards these kinds of guys.

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