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1 Body Weight Training Routine For a Serious Fat Ripping Workout!

Being both a personal fitness trainer and strength specialist that has been training in the Atlanta area for over 9 years I can tell you that I have heard every excuse from people as to why they can't workout.
The lack of equipment, time, money, or space is always an easy crutch for people to not train.
Once again, what you do with your life and your time is a choice.
You can either choose not to train or choose to train for a better life, period.
I help folks all the time and fortunately living in and working around just outside the Atlanta perimeter there are several outdoor venues to get a solid workout without the need for any equipment! Body Weight Training For Some Serious Fat Ripping! You see the key to burning fat has to do with you building lean muscle mass.
The way to do this is by utilizing your body's own resistance for the purpose of elevating your perceived level of exertion.
This is what will significantly speed up your metabolism to burn a ton of calories which in turn will allow you to maintain a high level of calorie burn even when you are at rest.
Your metabolism is like a car engine burning fuel and running all the time.
It never stops even when you are sleeping at night.
The key though is to make sure you condition it to burn at a higher level around the clock in order to help you obtain a healthy lean body composition and maintain it.
A good body weight training routine is a very effective way for you to reach this level of fitness so that you can have the lean body you want without the worry of purchasing gym equipment or a gym membership.
In order to pull this off all you need to do is find a park or local public school track if your personal residence lacks the proper space.
From here you can engage in an array of body weight drills such as push ups, squats, squat jumps, sprints, and other plyometric and calisthenic drills.
The great thing is that you can mix and combine the body weight drills in the form of supersets or include intervals of running, jumping jacks, or sprints between each bout.
You can also format the workout to be a giant circuit.
There are many combinations and you can't go without getting a solid workout.
If you haven't already started to implement this type of body weight training system into your own workouts then you are missing out.
Take the time to found out more about how you can build the body you desire the most with other effective training strategies like this one by accessing more of my articles for free.
Remember that most anyone can train hard, but only the best train smart!

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