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How To Make Him Chase You Forever - 3 Tactics That Every Woman Should Know

How about a the idea of having a guy likes you so much to the point that he will give up everything just to have you? Although it may sounds like a fairytale but it is still possible for you to find your Prince Charming during this generation. For you to understand the ways on how to make your man fall head over heels on you, it is vital that you know the means on how to make him chase you forever.
The most important thing to understand is the need to play hard to get to a man who you like. Although this may sound totally ridiculous since your main goal here is to have him with you forever, nevertheless you need to understand that this is a really good way for your guy to become interested about you and this will also put you in a big deal of fun that you will truly enjoy. After all, the feeling is totally amazing when you know that the guy you love is actually doing a lot of things just to have you in his arms.
But it is important that you do not overdo you playing hard to get tactic because doing such can become a major relationship killer if you are not careful. So now, here are some of the things to consider on how to play hard to get but still be able to do the ways on how to make him chase you forever:
1. Remember not to give your man any cold shoulder.
It is needed that you stay humble and affectionate towards him in times when you need to. If ever all you are doing are the snubbing and not minding things then your man might find that you are no longer interested with him thus he may start to find someone new instead of staying. So, be very careful all the times.
2. Playing hard to get means that you will not easily give into your man's whims.
If ever he wishes to caress you in public, you may want to back off to let him know that you are not really the kind of girl who can do those crazy stuffs. This way, your man will respect you as a female and he will become more interested to be with you.
3. Put extra work in ensuring that you remain beautiful all the times.
Men dig women who are hot and beautiful so it is important that you ensure the way you look at all times. It won't hurt to buy new makeup or try new hairdos from time to time. This way too, you can prevent boredom from striking your man because he is actually seeing a lot of interesting personalities on you. Therefore, remain beautiful no matter what.
By now, you know the 3 integral factors on how to make him chase you forever so be sure to follow the rules so you can live happily ever after...

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