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Javelin Throw Exercises


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      To train to throw a javelin, there are a few specific exercises that can be done to strengthen different parts of the body. Javelin throwers need to have great upper body strength, flexibility and stability. Routinely practicing several different exercises will help you to train, as well as to perform, as a javelin thrower.

    Arm Conditioning

    • To learn to throw the javelin with power, as well as increase the strength of your arms, you should begin by throwing a ball that is heavier than your javelin. As you begin to throw the ball further and further, gradually decrease the weight of the ball. Start by sitting in a chair. Make sure that you back is straight and your feet are firmly on the ground. Hold the ball at the shoulder or ear, then throw it forward. When you've mastered throwing the ball while seated in a chair, throw the ball from a standing position. Using the same techniques as throwing a javelin, hold the ball at about the ear level and launch it forward--while standing in the same position. After you've mastered throwing the ball while standing still, throw the ball as normal--taking three and five steps--as if it were a javelin. This will help to condition your arms, throw with more power and reduce injury.

    Wrist Weights

    • Start with a wrist weight on your throwing arm first. Go through the complete motion of throwing the javelin--the delivery--with an actual javelin. Doing this with a weighted wrist will require more strength and power on your part. Repeat this exercise with weights on both of your wrists as you go through the motions of throwing the javelin again.

    Leg, Hip Flexibility and Strengthening

    • The strength and the flexibility of your legs are also an important part of a successful javelin throw. To increase your leg's mobility, flexibility and strength, perform the carioca exercise. Standing with your feet shoulder-width apart, move to your left by crossing your right foot in front of your left, then your left foot behind your right. Continue to do this easy exercise multiple times a day.

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