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Raising A Red Kangaroo: Knowing The Animal First

Are you thinking of raising a red kangaroo at home? Have you already gone through the different factors that need to be taken into consideration regarding your plans of having this type of exotic pet at home? If you said yes to these two questions, congratulations because you're not like most people who only decide on getting exotic animals because they want to look cool in front of their friends or because they fancy the looks of these types of animals.
The first step to raising a kangaroo starts even before you look for a reputable exotic breeder who will be able to hand a healthy kangaroo over to you.
This step is learning and getting know your desired exotic pet.
This exotic pet is a grazing animal which thrives in the arid interior region of Australia.
These animals are widespread and typically live together in groups, which are referred to as mobs.
Their groups are often composed of more than 100 animals.
The home range of these exotic animals averages at 115 square miles.
Each of their group contains at least one adult male.
If there are a lot of males in the group, the most dominant one will be the one to lead the pack.
The dominant male within the group can choose any female for mating.
Females are fertile all throughout the year but they usually time their breeding so that it coincides with the time when food and water are available.
The gestation period of females last little more than a month.
Young kangaroos are quite undeveloped when they are born but their forearms are strong enough to allow them to crawl inside their mothers' pouch.
Since females can breed continuously, they produce different varieties of milk so that the nutritional needs of more than one offspring at one time.
A joey that leaves the pouch of its mother needs fat-rich milk as its source of energy.
Its pouch-bound sibling on the other hand gets a whole lot more of carbohydrates.
While inside its mother's pouch, the newborn joey hold on to the nipple and stays attached to it for an average of 70 days.
When the joey leaves the pouch of its mother, it already weighs around 7 pounds.
Even though joeys leave the pouch of their mothers, they will continue to feed from the latter until they reach one year.
Red kangaroos eat grass as well as the foliage of low-growing shrubs.
They are often found near water courses including those that are manmade because these areas usually allow plants to grow more plentiful.
These exotic animals wander around their home range extensively.
When it rains on desert areas, they gather around to feed on plant seedlings that have suddenly germinated.
If necessary, kangaroos can go on for days without water if it's necessary.
These exotic animals are typically 5 ft tall from.
Their tails on the other hand are averagely 3 ft long.
As for their weight, males can reach up to 200 lbs while females average at 65 lbs.

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