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MLM - $100,000 a Month - Part Two

All around the globe Multi Level Marketing has made thousands of people rich.
To do the same you must have a system in place.
A system that generates large quantities of leads.
Leads that will market your products and leads for prospects that will build your team.
For most new MLM affiliates its simply a question of doing what their sponsor has instructed them to do.
In most cases this is fine, but does their system suit you and more importantly, is it going to explode your business.
Before you actually sign up to your new MLM company plan out your strategies in advance.
Purchase some books and read up on the subject.
The internet is also has plenty of information.
Ask yourself, what are the most effective methods for marketing your products.
How you will form a campaign to build your team.
What are the replicable systems you will use.
That way, within an hour of signing up you can be building your business.
Your sponsor will want to help you and get you up and running as soon as possible.
They will want to instruct you on their systems and methods of building the business.
And, although this is done with all good intentions it may not be suitable for you.
We are all individuals and as such think and work in different ways.
Always listen to your sponsor and what they have to say.
However, you may feel that their methods are not for you.
You may not feel comfortable with certain aspects such as face to face selling, cold calling or phoning round family and friends.
Not only that.
But are their methods going to get 40 or 50 people a day looking at your products!! Because that's what you need to doing to explode your business.
Which ever system you decide upon it will have to be easily replicated by your down line, so the simpler it is to use and understand the better it will work.
Once you have your system in place that is selling your products in large quantities and boosting your bank balance, its time to build your team.
Now you need to create a system that will have potential recruits queuing up to join your team.
Consider this, if you have a system generating large product sales and revenue it will be much easier to get others to join.
When they see what you are earning and how easy it is with your system they will want a piece of the action.
The systems you must use are mass marketing systems.
In other words the internet.
The internet is global.
By implementing systems using the internet you are able to reach mass markets.
This is essential in generating a $100,000/month residual income.

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