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Noriko Suzuki La Vie Wigs

People have various reasons why they wear wigs.
Whether it be to disguise baldness, religious reasons, or for style, you can look stunning.
There are exquisite wigs available made by designers such as Noriko Suzuki.
Her latest 2010 collection is brought to you by the manufacturer La Vie.
Noriko Suzuki La Vie Wigs are comprised of both monofilament wigs and soft lace front wigs.
Monofilament wigs are exceptionally good for severe hair loss.
The cap is soft for those with sensitive scalps and is also hypoallergenic.
The cap's near transparency makes it to take on the color of the wearer's scalp providing a more realistic look.
Styling is also easier because the hair strands are hand-knotted individually onto the cap, allowing the hairs to swivel on the base.
Lace front wigs are very popular because of how real they look.
These wigs come with human hair or synthetic hair and can be worn while washing, showering, sleeping and pretty much everything else that can be done with your real hair.
Lace front wigs are considered a fantastic non-surgical hair replacement alternative.
Not only does the Noriko Suzuki collection come in a variety of amazing styles, there are also 21 different colors to choose from.
There are light colors available like silky sand and satin gold to dark colors like Cocoa Bean, and Midnight Coffee with various colors in between.
The whole collection can be found at e-Wigs.
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