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Cosmetic surgery is becoming more and more popular.
People all across the country are realizing that with a fairly quick procedure, they can have the appearance or body shape that they have always wanted.
Unfortunately, many companies are using this growing cosmetic surgery trend to take advantage of people.
One of the ways they are doing this is by offering all-inclusive cosmetic surgery vacations to exotic locations like Brazil, Costa Rica, and Thailand.
These vacations seem very popular and they look like a good idea because they pop-up all over the Internet, and advertise having wonderful amenities, like "credentialed" and "highly-trained" medical staff and private hospital services.
One of the reasons these cosmetic surgery vacations are rising in popularity is due to their price.
Since cosmetic surgery is not often covered by your insurance, the cost of the procedure can be one of largest selling points.
These all inclusive cosmetic surgery vacations can afford to provide lower prices by using overseas hospitals.
Unfortunately, many times you get what you pay for and the vacation that seems too good to be true, actually is.
By choosing to have a cosmetic surgery procedure performed during one of these "vacations," you put your overall health and even your life at risk.
It is harder to evaluate the quality of overseas doctors because there is no international standard that all doctors are held to.
Dangerous complications may lurk in offshore procedures because foreign facilities do not offer the same safeguards on equipment, emergency procedures, and personnel that the hospitals in the Unites State provide.
Also, the recovery process from a cosmetic surgery procedure is one of the most important parts of the procedure.
Many times, during your recovery process, you are advised to stay indoors and relax by avoiding normal activities.
Can you realistically imagine being able to enjoy the sun, surf, and sand while attempting to heal after a cosmetic surgery?Not only would you risk infection by allowing foreign substances into enter the surgery area, but also participating in water skiing, volleyball, or any other beach activities could severely damage whatever procedure you had.
Lastly, by having a cosmetic surgery procedure performed while on a "vacation," you limit the amount of postoperative contact you have with the doctor or hospital.
This means that if there are any complications during the flight home, or once you return, you are left without the plastic surgeon to ask questions.
It could be difficult to find another plastic surgeon to help you with your situation if they did not perform the original procedure.
Many times, revision surgery is more difficult than the initial surgical procedure, and it could even more difficult for the plastic surgeon if they did not perform the cosmetic surgery to begin with.
Even though it may seem like you are saving money by taking a cosmetic surgery vacation, if you consider the risks and costs of a cosmetic surgery vacation, like needing a revision surgery, it might not be a vacation at all, and it might cost you even more money.
A better idea might be to stay at home for your cosmetic surgery.
If money is the biggest factor, contact a plastic surgeon near you and ask them about financing options.
Most plastic surgeons will work with you so that you can afford you procedure and you will be able to recover from your procedure being comfortable in your own home and knowing that the plastic surgeon is near by.

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