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How to Train a Sheltie Puppy to Hold a Toy

    • 1). Place a collar and leash on the dog.

    • 2). Instruct your dog to "sit." If the dog does not know the "sit" command, manually push its rear end to the floor in the sitting position.

    • 3). Kneel down in front of the dog and place the leash under your knees to keep it securely in place.

    • 4). Using your left hand, circle the toy you wish the Sheltie to hold in its mouth around its head.

    • 5). Set the toy down and gently open the dog's mouth with both hands. Utter the word "good" in a soft voice.

    • 6). Place the toy gently into the dog's mouth, all the while uttering the word "hold."

    • 7). Pet the dog as it holds the toy in its mouth, which it should do instinctively. Utter the word "good" again in a soft voice to reinforce to the dog that this is the desired behavior. If the dog drops the toy, repeat the process until the dog keeps the toy in its mouth.

    • 8). Place the toy on the floor in front of the dog. Make sure the dog notices the toy before continuing. Utter the command "hold" and wait for the dog to step forward and grab the object.

    • 9). Praise the Sheltie and pet it to show that the dog has performed the desired act. If the dog does not pick up the toy, repeat the steps until this desired result is reached.

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