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Be Where Your Feet Are

Remove your shoes:You're Standing Upon Holy Ground

You are exactly where you need to be for reasons you can't see. You can be no where else except where your feet are planted. You are where you are because you are supposed to be there and no where else. Can you get with that? Your feet have brought you to this particular place in the here and now. Can't run, can't hide, can't quit. That is not an option. This is it! You can be no other place, no matter what you'd like to tell yourself.

Stop fighting. No use trying to run, hide or negate your present circumstances and situation. Your feet will never lead you to any place, situation, circumstance, event or involvement that you do not need to be in. Your mind may try to tell you otherwise: dramatically declaring that you should be anywhere else but here, with anyone else but who you are currently involved with, doing anything else other than what you're currently doing. But, the mind lies. The feet NEVER do. Not only can you not trust your mind for the exact precise placement of your body, but your heart will lead you astray, as well. Follow your feet. Never dispute them. They will lead and guide you in the 'reality of truth' you need to experience. Remember: your feet are aware of things you have no way of knowing. Until your wring out every smidgen of the water of understanding from your present state of affairs, {relationship}, you in no wise will be free to move on without duplicating the problems YOU alone are creating. Your feet will see to it that you complete the mission. You can not cheat. You can not jump ahead in line. You must remain where your feet have placed you.

You must come to terms with the fact that you can not be any where else today, this moment, other than where your feet have brought you. Period. You are alive on this planet because you need to exist in THIS location, not somewhere else. You were born to your parents, not someone else's. You are here, now doing exactly what you are doing, not something else. You need the people, places, events, occurrences, situations, involvements, and experiences that are tied up in your daily walk. {Each and every one of them, whether you believe it or not; you don't have a clue as to what or how it all fits together perfectly for you!} You are so accustomed to thinking you can pick and choose the affairs of your life but IF that were so, you know would be inclined to choose only experiences that would make you feel good, wealthy, comfortable, important, special and loved. You would certainly not choose events that are filled with pain, loneliness, disgust, fear, anxiety, financial difficulties, embarrassment, betrayal or humiliation. But, your feet KNOW the significance of what lies below the surface of these apparent unfortunate episodes. The feet are connected. The feet are grounded. The feet are united with the source. The feet know that you need every person who crosses your path in the run of a day. Every exciting and debilitating emotion you have ever experienced, your feet were right there with you walking you right into it, through it. Your feet knew you had to be in whatever situation you so mistakably thought you "ended up." Cease trying to make sense out of it with your mind. Your feet have remained constant and steadfast with you throughout all of these events. Your mind and heart may not have been present but your feet remained loyal and true. You can not isolate yourself and guard against various events that you THINK you should or should not be involved in.

Your feet decide upon which course you will steer each day. Make no mistake about it: you need every occurrence and person that confronts you. There is no destination that you can purposefully decide to take that, IF your feet are not aligned to the journey and the lesson it brings will come to pass. No matter how many plans you make, breaths you take in anticipation in waiting or exploitation, unless your feet are guided and directed in that particular destination, you will not go there. Too much of your time is spent in trying to figure out why you are in the predicaments instead of merely experiencing the yet unexplained avenues of expression. You are not here by accident but are sitting or standing for a very definite reason; otherwise, you would not exist. You are not expected to know the WHY of your miraculous journey. The mysterious reason will unfold itself throughout each and every incident you walk through. {Not a jot or tittle will be missed} But, while you are engaged in the relationship or event, you are never placed in a precognitive situation or enlightened enough position to properly decipher or interpret, for yourself, what is needful or necessary. Your conclusions, predictions, judgments, evaluations, and comments are false, distorted and misconstrued. Again, I reiterate: you are where you located because your feet have brought you to where you need to be. Just think about it: they NEVER have and never will let you down by refusing to carry you on your countless journeys.

When and if you do become ill, it is simply because YOU need to stop and rest. You can not determine how long of a period that rest may involve. You simply must be where your feet have you planted, at all times. There may be seasons in your life when you doubt the direction and station of your feet's choosing. In those fretful confusing times, you argue, kick, wrestle, scream, whine, moan, belittle, criticize, condemn, threaten, and curse the details of your life. You are determined to believe you are in the wrong place living someone else's life. IF you continue in this frame of mind, you will exhaust yourself by filling your mind and heart with all sorts of unnecessary worry, concern, aggravation, guilt, anger, rebellion, and disgust that will lead to nothing but an out and out obstinacy of refusing to be where your feet are planted. These emotions and actions blind you to the life-altering experiences associated. You will be so clouded (by not being where your feet are located) that unbearable impatience and self-loathing overtake you and your space {to such an unbearable degree} preventing you from seeing and receiving the priceless gem of sacred self-discovery and soul's delight hidden right before your eyes. Like the proverbial mule heading to the long awaited barn, at the end of a hard day's work, your feet KNOW at all times where they are headed. Most often times, we neglect our feet. We do not give them proper and adequate attention. They are not honored in the manner in which they need to be revered. Trust them. Care for them. Appreciate their instinctive wisdom. They will never be influenced, wooed or coerced by any of your manipulative coaxing and subjective reasoning. They will singularly purposefully emphatically and doggedly be focused upon carrying out one cosmic DIVINE intent: the full creative expression of you. Be Where Your Feet Are!!!

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