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The LG U400 Neo is a third-generation (3g) mobile phone handset from LG Electronics.
The possibilities that can be explored using this innovative handset are quite endless.
For instance, as owners of this handset, you could listen to real music, remix your music, capture images as well as make video calls.
The handset sports a stylish slide design and comes in an eye-catching black and silver finish.
One of the unique features of the handset is a Jog Wheel, which enables a mobile phone user to navigate through the handset with speed and ease.
He can also use this feature of the LG U400 Neo mobile phone to operate it in the DJ-ing mode.
As a matter of fact, if you are interested in music and want to explore your creativity, then this handset is just right for you.
You could listen to your favorite music tracks, even when you are outdoors, using the in-built music player of the LG U400 Neo.
You could become a DJ.
All that you need to do is to move the Jog Wheel while you are listening to your favorite tune.
This would initiate the process of scratching; you could then press a number in your keypad to play a cool sample.
You could also use the Melody Composer of the handset to make your own music.
The handset is Bluetooth enabled.
This means that phone users can communicate wirelessly with compatible devices.
They can also stream music via Bluetooth to other devices and enjoy a complete wire free mobile music experience.
Another interesting feature of the handset is the 2 mega pixel camera with flash to capture the memorable moments of your life as and when they are happening! The handset also comes with a VGA camera, which can be used for video calling.
A Micro SD memory card slot, tri-band compatibility, MMS and email access are some of the other features that make the handset quite popular among discerning mobile phone users across the globe.
Many among them avail of attractive offers on this innovative handset.
LG U400 neo deals are quite popular in the UK among people from all age groups and different sections of society.
They are interested in buying LG U400 neo contract mobile phones to enjoy all the advanced features of the handset at industry leading prices.

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