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DIY Reptile Cage Furniture

    • 1). Find one or two smooth, flat rocks and one or two pieces of wood, such as a limb, branch or tree bark. Reptiles love to bask in warm light or sun on a log or rock. The sizes of rocks and wood pieces you use will depend on your cage size and your reptiles. Ideally, they should be large enough for the reptile to easily sit or lie on.

    • 2). Make sure your small container has an opening large enough for your reptile to easily fit through. If the box or container doesn't have an opening, you can cut one or two openings using scissors. Place and position the box so your reptile can use it as a shelter or hiding place. If you have more than one reptile in a cage, make sure there's at least one hiding place for each of them.

    • 3). Ask a veterinarian which plants are ideal and safe for your reptiles. Purchase or find these plants and pot them in clay pots that will fit nicely inside the cage. You can cover the soil in the pot with small rocks or leave it exposed, whichever is best for your particular reptile. Covering the dirt with a layer of small rocks will help prevent digging. Be sure to remember to water the plants.

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