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Open Auditions - Getting To Know You

Often in an open audition there is plenty of down time when you are there as a group.
During your open audition, you have to wait for various reasons.
Take the time to introduce yourself to other performers like your self and find out what they know and what other opportunities there may be in the area for you.
You may meet others at an open audition that will let you know about a training area where a couple of entertainers get together and practice their craft.
You may be able to join in the next time.
There may be an agent they know who handles your type of skills that you didn't know about, or a new manager looking to start up and needs clients.
Open auditions are a great place to find out about a really good acting class others are going to.
You may meet someone at your casting call that went to a great acting class that you could also take.
Remember, every one else at your casting call has been taking the time to make this moment the most.
They have had to prepare themselves to be able to perform, and most have been doing it for years.
Becoming a new friend to these people is going to help you, and in the same way help them by being a support to them as well.
By making new friends at these Open Castings you are broadening your field and avenue of resources.
Quite often entertainers are involved in many different projects and even more often these projects can use a little extra help.
So you may find some other work at the open audition, or the opportunity to be a part of some other project by getting to know new people and making new friends.
Even if it is volunteer work on some other project, you will get experience and make friends with people who are self motivated to make a successful career for themselves and love what they do.
These are good friends to have and be around.
These are the kinds of friends that will effect your own life.
Now here is another way of looking at it as well.
If you have a project you yourself want to get going or need help with, an open audition is going to be bringing all the local talent into one area.
You may find what you are looking for with out having to hold your own open casting.
This is not what the open audition is for, so if you do decide to "Go Looking" be sure to be discrete and not a disturbance or interruption to those running the Casting or those trying out.
So, an open audition could be a chance for you to get to know people, and for you to allow others at the open casting to get to know you.

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