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Baby Party Favor Ideas

    Due Date-Related Favors

    • The reality of how soon a new baby is coming often sets in for most moms at the baby shower. The gifts, baby talk and all the attention on the mom usually helps her realize that a new baby is arriving in a short period of time. For that reason, many party-throwers opt for favors that focus on the fact that mom is due very soon. For instance, kitchen egg timers embellished with the phrase "About to Hatch" and popcorn favor boxes with "About to Pop" written on them make cute favors. In addition, baby chicken-themed whisks, candles or salt and pepper shakers with the "About to Hatch" phrase adorned on them are appropriate choices. Teapot or other decorative timers embellished with the phrase "It's About Time" is also a cute idea, especially if the soon-to-be mother has been wanting a child for a long time.

    Personalized Favors

    • Personalized favors help attendees to remember their loved one's baby shower. These types of favors typically have the date of the shower, along with the name of the mother or the baby. Another option is to include the father's name on the favors as well. The only difficult aspect of personalized favors is choosing what object to personalize. For instance, small tins filled with candy, chapstick tubes, bottles of hand sanitizer, candles, miniature piggy banks and glass jars can all wear personalized labels. Choose something you think your guests would enjoy or use later, or objects that are memorable to the mother.

    Food-Related Favors

    • If the mom-to-be is a foodie, consider giving food-related favors to guests at her baby shower. For instance, small baby feet cookie-cutters are a worthy option, along with a cheese grater that states "World's Gratest Mom." Give small bags of muffin mix with the phrase "A Baby is as Sweet as a Muffin" embellished on the front. Lastly, baby-related lollipops, tea bags, cookies and candies make good favor choices.

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