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Staying Strong and Still Pushing Forward - Planet X Surviving 2012

Tens of thousands of new, amazing, and weird things are being discovered and unveiled every single day.
Most of them not worth much attention but some of them require and a considerable amount of awareness as it might be something worth a lot...
even our lives.
A very recent discovery of a new and peculiar planet has been made and was named planet X due to this quality of it being quite full of mystery.
This interesting Planet X Surviving 2012 and more still continues to spark the significance of it in the minds of scientists all around the globe.
Way back in the 1980s, a group of fellow astronomers were able see and observe a new planet orbiting just around the far reaches of the solar system where Earth and the other planets reside.
It ignited their fancy at first but they soon came to a very weary decision as that there may be a very negative effect of this planet X or planet Nibiru as some scientists would call it.
Some followers of this alluring Planet X Surviving 2012 and more have stated that although this discovery has marked that our solar system has more to offer, there is a danger that hovers around it.
They first found out that plant Nibiru first existed through the help of their high technology gadgets especially their infrared equipped laboratories that help detect the movement of this new and interesting planet.
However, they were convinced that the planet Earth and the whole solar system for that matter might suffer due to this planet X.
As time passes, this Planet X Surviving 2012 from the far corners of the solar system slowly gravitates its way to the inner solar system where the Earth, Sun, and other planets reside.
This in turn lead the astronomers to a conclusion that if this planet X make it through the inner solar system it will most likely hit the planet Earth and trigger a very devastating collision that will result to numerous effects.
Some of these consequences include local and foreign quarrels and inequities, famine, war between people, natural calamities which the Earth is currently experiencing, solar problems, and drought.
But one thing that is quite disturbing is that if the impact is too great for Earth to handle, all its inhabitants, both living and non-living will suffer greatly and ultimately millions and billions of lives may be lost.
This belief created a link between the once alive Mayan civilization and this planet Nibiru.
The ancient Mayans formed a calendar containing information that in the year of 2012 on the 21st day of the last month which is December, a large and terrifying disaster will strike the Earth and cause it to crumble in to space together with everything in it.
This then caused fear among the scientists and astronomers that if this Mayan prediction is true, this Planet X Surviving 2012 might possibly be the main culprit of the whole "end of the world" rumors that has been one of the most talked about in this time.

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