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How to Choose a Simultaneous Interpretation System?

Simultaneous interpretation means, while the speaker gives his speech in his own language, interpreter translates orally the running speech of the speaker into target language to the participants. The speaker continuously speaks, in a spoken language and the interpreter, sitting in a sound proof booth speaks into a microphone, clearly seeing and hearing the source language speaker via earphones, since there is continuity and flow, it is more effective style of conferencing. In simultaneous interpretation, there is little or no gap between what source language speaker is saying and it is simultaneously interpreted into target language.

For choosing the right type of simultaneous interpretation system, the following factors will play a key role:-

Target audiences- Before buying any equipment, it should be well planned and analyzed for target audiences. The equipment should cater for maximum number of audiences. The figure can vary from 500 to 5,000. It will be better to cater the equipment for 5,000 audiences, as more audiences will require more output. We can always decrease the volume.

Location and type of venues- The locations and type of venues will have direct bearing on the selection of equipment. The size of the halls at the venues and acoustics of the halls are to be kept in mind. The performance of the equipment and success of the conference will largely depend upon the type of the venue.

Quality of equipment- Most suitable and latest equipment meeting all our requirements are to be selected. Before selecting the type of equipment, the present and future technology is to be kept in mind. What may be latest equipment today may become obsolete after 5 years. The equipment purchased should have provision / compatibility to incorporate latest technology after couple of years.

Cost factor- After ensuring that all the requirements are met with, cost of equipment will play a pivotal role. It should be ensured that standards should not be compromised with cost factor.

Market survey- Before purchase of any system, a thorough market survey / research is to be made with regard to various systems available, cost factor, quality of the products and service providers' capability for providing backup service. It will be much better to seek the opinion of other users of the systems.

Demonstration before purchase of system- Before selection of system, it will be advisable to get arranged for demonstration for various systems, so that you get the right feel of the system or other alternate is to visit the other locations where the systems are installed and have a feel of it.

Requirements should be clearly spelt out, so that right system is provided. When you have more than three Languages involved and the venue is huge the best equipment would be Digital systems with IR and FM Receivers up to 10,000 delegates. While selecting the vendor you need to make sure that they have a capability to provide you with the best simultaneous interpreter, equipments and technicians to make sure every single aspect of the event are going smooth. You can check with your interpreter about their experience with the service provider and their capability to meet your requirement.

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