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Mobile Phones That Use Bluetooth Technology


    • As of 2010, Apple's iPhone 4 shipped with Bluetooth 2.1 technology. The technology standard, officially referred to as Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR (Enhanced Data Rate), can be used for connecting to a variety of hands-free devices. This Bluetooth functionality comes with every iPhone 4 hardware configuration.

    Droid X

    • Motorola's smartphone, the Droid X, is a successor to the original Motorola Droid phone. The phone itself runs on Google's Android mobile operating system. As of 2010, the phone shipped with Android version 2.1 standard. The Droid X also shipped with Bluetooth technology.

    HTC Evo 4G

    • HTC's phone, the Evo 4G, was released exclusively through the phone company Sprint in 2010. The phone ships with version 2.1 of Google's Android operating system and was the first phone to use 4G wireless data technology. As of 2010, the phone shipped with Bluetooth technology enabled.

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