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Casa 32

Casa 32 Overview:

Casa 32, also known as Boticário 32, is a guest house which occupies an 1846 mansion in idyllic Largo do Boticário, a secluded cul-de-sac near Corcovado surrounded by Atlantic forest.

With only two suites, Casa 32 features distinguished details such as hand-painted 18th-century Portuguese tiles, a baroque roof in carved wood, Spanish coat of arms from Santiago de Compostella, doors from 18th-century Bahia churches and a staircase in marble and iron brought over from a small Italian palace.

The owners - father and daughter - know how to make their guests feel at home in this unique inn renowned for its atmosphere.

Suites at Casa 32:

A harmonious mix of modern styles creates a delightful contrast with historic architecture in the guest suites at Casa 32. The two spacious rooms with views to the verdant and secluded surroundings offer a fresh alternative to beach hotels as romantic getaways or honeymoon nests.

It's easy to imagine previous owners Rodolfo da Siqueira (Ruddy), who remodeled Casa 32 in the 1930s, and Magu Leão, who bought it in 1942, hosting stylish parties attended by artists and intellectuals.

Enjoy your breakfast in the garden - with few guests at a time, the owners can afford to accommodate some whims - or have lunch indoors, where large painted murals help tell the house's history.

Cosme Velho, where the house is located, is a short distance from the beach by taxi - and you could easily take a bus. Walk to Corcovado and the beautiful International Museum of Naive Art of Brazil.

Address & Contact Information :

Largo do Boticário 32
Cosme Velho
Rio de Janeiro, RJ
Phone/Fax: 55-11-55-21-2265-0943

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