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Music Marketing Trends in 2011 - Blogging and Social Media

Music marketing has greatly changed over the past decade due to a variety of factors. In 2011, social media is definitely a hot topic, as well as music blogging. Here are three ways that music marketing trends will change in 2011.

The Death of Myspace
While initially Myspace started out as a social media tool designed to benefit bands, this couldn't be any less true in 2011 after a series of crushing updates. As if the declining userbase wasn't enough, the updated band profile on Myspace completely wiped out any custom made CSS or Div layouts and replaced them with a generic profile design. The music player still doesn't work correctly in some browsers and is still not playing full quality MP3 files. Of all the biggest social media changes in 2011, Myspace Music will have breathed its last usefulness for music marketing.

Foursquare for Music Marketing
Now that smartphones are popular,marketing trends in 2011 will shift to reflect this in social media. In case you're not in the technology loop, Foursquare is a site that allows users to "check in" to certain locations with their smartphones. This has endless possibilities for venues and bands alike, as they can easily encourage a fun way to reward listener loyalty. Foursquare just represents the next phase in social media marketing.

Marketing with QR Codes
Another smartphone tool, QR codes look like bar codes but can be read by the latest handheld gadgets. This brings up an interesting trend in music marketing, if used correctly. In 2010, The Pet Shop boys released a single on a QR code, so that when the code was scanned, the user was taken to a link where they could listen to the song. If more local and indie bands get involved with this technology, it could be one of the biggest music marketing trends in 2011.

Blogging to Promote Music
Now that content management systems like Wordpress, Joomla, Blogger, and Tumblr have made blogging easy, affordable, and even fun, 2011 will be filled with intelligent bands taking advantage of these blogging tools to market their music. These avenues allow bands to create relevant, interesting content that increases the involvement of potential fans. While 2010 didn't really see any major label artists doing this correctly, 2011 will be the year of the indie artist who takes advantage of this important music marketing trend.

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