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Understanding His Actions

If you're a woman who's dated a man, you have probably experienced the frustration of trying to communicate with them and worse, trying to understand just what the heck they're trying to communicate to you! When you tell him things, you mean them, right? Well, guys aren't always so cut and dry.
Especially when they refuse to say anything at all! So when it comes down to that, how are you supposed to figure out what he means? The secret is in watching the way he moves, whether or not you're listening to what he says.
When a man is talking to you, his torso can be a big indicator of how invested he is in the conversation (or not).
The same goes for when he's talking to other people (like a woman you might find threatening).
If he's chest is pointed towards you, then he is definitely listening to what you are saying and paying attention to you.
If his chest is facing elsewhere, but he is looking at you, it means the opposite.
Think of it as him being ready to walk away from the conversation at hand at any moment.
If he doesn't plan on walking away, why would his posture say any different? Eye contact is another dead giveaway of whether or not he's actually paying mind to what is coming out of your mouth.
Men, especially guys who like to "play the field" (so to speak), will typically look around the room or only make brief eye contact with you while you are talking.
Some men try too hard to stare directly at you and are really just focused on something else.
If it feels like he's looking through you or won't hold eye contact for very long, chances are he doesn't give a damn about what you're talking about.
In the worst case scenario, it means he may not give a damn about you.
Be very wary of guys who have suspicious eye contact.
Watch his hands, as well.
Guys who lie often fidget or touch themselves in various ways.
If he is frequently adjusting his shirt, playing with his silverware, or twiddling his thumbs, you know you have a problem on your hands.
Whether he's lying or not isn't always the question.
Sometimes he'll have something to tell you that he just can't put into words.
If you see him fiddling, ask him what is on his mind.

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