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How to Do Machine Embroidery on Towels

    • 1
      Figure A (hooped stabilizer)

      Load your hoop with a medium to heavy tear away stabilizer.

      See figure A

    • 2
      See Figure B

      Spray stabilizer with adhesive spray. Fold your towel vertically and lay it across your hoop to center.

      See Figure B

    • 3
      Figure C (top stabilizer and pins put on the towel)

      Spray top stabilizer with adhesive and use straight pins around the outside edges of hoop attaching towel to bottom stabilizer. The top stabilizer prevents the individual threads of the towel from pulling up during the embroidery process.

      See Figure C

    • 4
      Figure D

      Put your hooped towel on the embroidery machine. Choose your pattern and let the embroidering begin.

      See Figure D

    • 5
      Figure E

      Remove the embroidery from the machine when it is completed and remove the pins and top stabilizer.

      See Figure E

    • 6
      Figure F

      Now remove towel from bottom stabilizer.

      See Figure F

    • 7
      Figure G

      Admire your embroidered towel.

      See Figure G

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