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How to Make Photo Key Chains

    • 1). Download and install photo-editing software. You can find free photo-editing software such as GIMP and Photoscape on the Internet. These programs are very similar to Adobe Photoshop and allow you to add your own personal touch and flare to your photo key chains.

    • 2). Use your digital camera to take a photograph that you want to use for your key chain. What you take a picture of is completely up to you. You could snap a family photo, one of just the kids or even one of your pets. Transfer the photo to your computer using either the camera's memory card or the USB port cable.

    • 3). Open up the photo-editing software. Go to File and click on Open. Find the picture file you want to use and double click on it. This will open up the photo in your program.

    • 4). Edit the photo and add borders, backgrounds or text if you want. It's all up to you and what you want the design to look like.

    • 5). Resize the image. Click on the Image tab and click Image Size. Make the image around 450 x 450. You will need to make sure that the picture you use will fit perfectly on the key chain and is just the right size to help you avoid distortion in your photo. Save the file as a .PNG or a .JPEG.

    • 6). Go to Zazzle and create a free account. Zazzle allows you to create designs for key chains, T-shirts, mugs, hats and a wide variety of other products, and allows you to buy your design or to sell it to the public.

    • 7). Click on Create at the top of the Zazzle page, and then click on the icon for key chains. Once in the main menu, you will be able to select different styles of key chains to have your photo placed on or in. Choose the color, style and size you would like the key chain to be.

    • 8). Click on Add Images and add the photo image you would like to put on the key chain. Use the tools Zazzle offers to help resize the photo to fit perfectly onto the key chain. Once you are done, click Create Product. Now you can either purchase the key chain or just post it for sale. You can create a whole store of stuff created with your family photos, and Zazzle will post the items in a private gallery that you can send to other family members.

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