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How to Do Yin Yoga Poses

    • 1). Find a small room free from distractions. Place your yoga mat on the floor and come to a simple seated cross-legged position. Set a rhythmically paced breath.

    • 2). Establish a flow of poses that work for you. Come into a pose to a point that is comfortable for you. Stop when you feel resistance in the body or the edge.

    • 3). Hold the pose, and when your body is ready, you will feel less resistance to open up for a deeper stretch.

    • 4). Move to the next edge and breathe into the pose to quiet your mind. The mind starts to wander as a pose becomes difficult. Stay aware of your breath to take away the difficulty of the pose.

    • 5). Continue Steps 2 and 3. Reach the edge and settle into the pose (see Resources).

    • 6). Become still and accept the pose. The mind remains quiet with the ease of the breath, and the breath remains calm with the stillness of the pose.

    • 7). Stay in the pose for a minimum of 1 minute. Use your breath to come out of the pose and move to the next pose in your flow.

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