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"SOCOM: FTB3'" Campaign and Urban Assault Objectives


    • In the first mission, "Village Recon," follow the map markers to collect intel and complete the objective. The objectives in mission two, "Powderkeg," are to photograph the enemy's supply cache and destroy it. Mission three, "Undertow" requires you to disable the bomb and extract the VIP safely to the evacuation point. To complete "Clean Sweep," the fourth mission, you'll need to neutralize the high-value target, "TOPDOG," and disable the three bombs indicated by the mini-map.


    • The fifth mission, and the first one in the Morrocan chapter of the game, is called "Isolated Agent." It requires you to tail agent "ODDBALL," eavesdrop on his conversations, and take surveillance pictures. Mission six, "Short Fuse," involves neutralizing terrorist Amad Mouline and defusing his bombs. "Lethal Crossing," mission seven, requires you to destroy the NAPF enemy bridges and vehicles. The final mission in the Morocco chapter, "Desert Siege" involves capturing the NAPF lieutenant, then placing charges in the armory and supply room.

    South Asia

    • The first South Asia mission is called "Songbird." Guard "MAGPIE" and protect him from enemy fire as he recovers intel. Mission 10, "Biohazard," requires you to place satchel charges in strategic locations and acquire a photograph of intelligence asset "RATBITE." Using the intelligence gained, the following mission, "Under Fire," involves capturing and extracting "RATBITE."


    • The final chapter in the campaign begins with mission 12, "Supply and Demand." To complete it, secure the warehouses and the chemicals within, protecting them from the enemy. Mission 13, "Undermining Authority," requires you to locate the bodies of the missing demolitions crew and complete their mission by placing satchel charges in marked locations. To finish the final mission, "Chemical Reaction," infiltrate the milk refinery, disable the enemy's equipment, and capture their leader, "TINMAN."


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