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Dating with Eligible Married Man

While all is fair in love and war, you need to consider a lot of things when dating a married man. Though this must not interfere in your love, make sure you take a decision you can stand by.

Emotional waves do not follow any logic. Neither has it have any concurrence with mantle waves. Heart and brain are two opposite sources of ideas. When you fall in love you can not rationalize it, it just happens. You like someone and want to spare some intimate moments with him, there is nothing wrong in this desire until you are not ruining somebody's life. Here is how you can manage...

Make up his mind

He may think same about you the way you think about him. He may too have it in mind to date with you but he is not proposing you for that because he may be shy of what you would think of him. Even if it is not that he has all this in his mind, there is no problem in checking it once. Diplomatically give him hypothetical situation to react. Like asking "what if you have a desire to date with somebody even though you are married?" try analyze his answer, he may answer in counter diplomatic way by saying "I am not sure of being that eligible still, I haven't thought of it ever". From here on... try to hook him [].

Spend quality time

Try this most successful formula of making your companion feel special and important. Talk about him, his background, his college days and all those deep hidden emotional events of his life. Listen to him patiently; reflect the kind of emotions he demands at all different part of discussions, this pill of special attention works even for those who had almost dry and sturdy. When he finishes all he wanted to tell, he will become eager to know all about you and will accept doing all you wanted from him.

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