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How to Add Artistic Effects to Images in Paint Shop Pro Photo XI

    • 1). Open the program. You will need to left-click on the application icon to load and run the program.

    • 2). Load the image. Click on the “File” tab on the command bar and scroll to “Open.” Select the desired image and click “Open.”

    • 3). Add the desired artistic effects. To add artistic effects to an image you will need to scroll to the “Effects” tab on the command bar; a submenu will open. Scroll to “Artistic” effects and select the desired effect. You can choose from many effects including aged newspaper (makes the image look like aged newspaper), balls and bubbles (which add small lens flares to the image), chrome (which chromes the image), colored edges (which color the edges of the image), colored foil (which makes the image appear as if it is made out of colored foil), contours (which create lined contours out of the image), enamel (which makes the image appear as enamel when it is dried), glowing edges (which highlight and makes the edges of the lines glowing), halftone (which cuts the tone in half), hot wax coating (which makes the image appear as if it is coated in hot wax), magnifying lens (which magnifies select portions of the image), neon glow (which adds a neon glow to the image), posterize (which posterizes the image), solarize (which adds solar speckles and flare to the image) and topography (which adds topography to the image lines).

    • 4). Save the image. Scroll to the “File” tab on the command bar and click “Save As.” Save the image in the desired format and location.

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