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How to Convert Flash to AVI or WMA

    • 1). Navigate to (see Resource No. 1). Click on "Choose File" and find the Flash file to convert. Media-convert allows users to upload files up to 200 MB in size.

    • 2). Select "FLV" as your input video format from the dropdown window. Next, pick "AVI" or "WMV" for your output extension.

    • 3). Click the "OK" button to convert the FLV. Click on the movie download link to receive your new file.

    • 1). Navigate to (see Resource No. 2).

    • 2). Click the "Upload a file" button and find the FLV you wish to convert. Next, pick either AVI or WMV for your output format. There's a maximum upload size of 100MB for free users.

    • 3). Click "Start" to make your new video file. After the conversion concludes, click on the download link to receive the file.

    • 1). Navigate to (see Resource No. 3).

    • 2). Click "Choose File" find the FLV file. Afterward, select AVI or WMV for your target format. Free users of Zamzar can only upload files smaller than 100MB in size.

    • 3). Enter your email in the "E-mail" window and click the "Convert" button. You'll be sent a message with your video download link.

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