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Indian Television Grows Up as Diya aur Baati Hum crosses the 500 Episode Mark

Television in India has been through it all. When they beamed the first programs, the sets that replayed them were so rare, they were considered to be priceless. Doled out by the government, they were used more as a public service system than anything else. But then things started to change.

In the eighties for example, the television set was no longer considered to be a rare sighting. Rich privateers around the country did manage to get their hands on one and they promptly went on to achieve pride of place in their homes. One of the earliest memories from that time are watching the first wave of colourized television programming on a Sony Television Set, with Trinitron technology inside (whatever that was meant to be).

Weekends, especially Sundays were never the same again. Classic serials from Chitrahaar and Chhahyageet to traditional mythological legends such as the Ramayana and the Mahabharata, everything was right there, in their splendid glory. The VCR or the Video Cassette Recorder/Player was the next most coveted gadget on everyone's aspirational list but that proved to be even more elusive than the television set. Many a childhood memory has had something or the other to do with this wonderful invention.

As the decades rolled on by, the cable television wave swept across the nation and things were never going to be the same again. It was as if the entire industry and indeed, the nation that had gone from the age of the Flintstones right to that of the Jetsons. Programming boomed and what was once a smallish family of actors and assorted staff, mushroomed into a complete and efficient production machine.

Audience preferences were changing rapidly and programming teams were on their toes every minute of the way, trying out every possible way to hold on to their viewership. From a single offering to entire bouquets offering channels in every imaginable language and dialect, television in India was finally coming of age.

Entire genres began amassing their own dedicated group of fans. News channels, Animals & Nature, Music, Movies and more, it was as if, no matter how niche the demand, so long as there were audiences, channels would step in to cater to them. This too was accomplished in every mainstream and regional language possible!!! The past couple of years have seen a lot more innovations in programming being discovered. Adventure, reality based programming, dance shows, food and cookery based content, the whole wide world opened up for audiences with satellite programming. But a curious development too was noted where family driven soaps with a modernist twist that reflected a younger, ambitious nation such as Diya aur Baati Hum, were holding onto their own. In-fact, so strong has been the response that it has gone on to celebrate 500 successful episodes in the short span of two years and currently rules the airwaves as the number one show in its genre.

Audiences have particularly warmed up to the young protagonist who was put through trying circumstances, where she lost her entire family, was married off under difficult conditions and yet has managed to win the hearts of everyone while discovering love amidst it all. It seriously has resonated strongly with watchers and the Diya aur Baati Hum show has fans from all parts of the country today! Quite a mean feat, it must be said, for it has held off the well-entrenched competition and brings in viewers every time an episode is aired on television.

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