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Flirting Secrets for Girls & First Kissing Tips

    Start With a Smile

    Let Space Work for You

    • Flirting is more effective when you are closer to your guy, so make sure that you work you way to his side. If you are in a crowded or noisy room, you can lean in even closer under the guise of not being able to hear him. When you're close, you can also allow a few flirtatious touches. Touch him on the arm or hand to show that you're interested in him.

    Show Your Interest

    • When you're talking to a guy, ask him questions about what he likes. Make good eye contact during the conversation and nod to show that you're following along. Because you seem so interested, the guy will take that as a positive sign and keep talking. Your focus will make him feel special, and your flirting will have caught his attention.

    Preparing for a Kiss

    • Before you plan to move in for a kiss, make sure that you have fresh breath. When you go on a date, take time to brush your teeth first. After a meal, pop a quick mint to get fresh breath. Don't use lipstick that has glitter or is too sticky. Make sure that you mouth is ready for the kiss that will come.

    Kissing Time

    • When you are ready to kiss, lean in toward your guy. Part your lips just a bit before your mouth meets his. Don't push too hard against him, and, if you'd like, you can let him take control of the kiss. A first kiss can be a soft brush of the lips that only lasts a few moments. Focus on the kiss itself and don't worry about whether your technique is perfect. Relax and enjoy.

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