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How to Level a Travel Trailer With Slide-Outs

    • 1). Place the wheel blocks down onto the camping ground so they are the width of the trailer apart. Pull the trailer wheels up and onto the blocks (typically flat and low to the ground with bumps on them, to prevent the wheels from moving).

    • 2). Detach the trailer from the tow vehicle. Pull the four leveling jacks down from the corners of the trailer. Most trailers have a set of four jacks that come down out of the corners via an electric control box.

    • 3). Open the trailer level gauge panel, typically on the outside edge of the trailer. Push the control box buttons so the jacks push and adjust the leveling of the trailer. Watch the bubble in the gauge.

    • 4). Adjust the jacks until the bubble is on the level section of the gauge. Turn off the jack controls. Place wheel chocks under the trailer wheels. The camper should now be level.

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