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How to Get Golden Tickets in 'AQ Worlds'

    • 1). Travel to Luck during the Shamrock Fair Event by typing "/join luck" into your text box.

    • 2). Walk into the fair and speak to the non-player characters (NPCs) near the booths. Each character gives you a mini-game to play.

    • 3). Perform well in each mini-game to receive Golden Tickets. The higher your score, the more Golden Tickets you receive. If you fail, click "Try Again" to restart the mini-game.

    • 4). Play the mini-games until you receive your desired number of tickets. You receive between five to 10 Golden Tickets per game.

    • 5). Speak to Mog O'Rahilly, the Ticket Redemption Moglin. If you have at least 200 Golden Tickets, you can exchange them for a prize.

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