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How to Dance Salsa - Tricks and Tips to Learn How to Dance Salsa

When the word 'Salsa' is uttered, it tempts many enthusiasts to get into a dancing mood.
Salsa, unlike some of the other genres, suits all types of individuals.
Be it the adult or an old aged enthusiast, just the passion is enough to learn salsa.
Salsa has attracted many dancing professionals from across the globe, and it isn't an odd sight when you come across individuals belonging to different nationalities setting the stage alight with some mesmerizing salsa steps.
Unparalleled ambience, easy to learn, and the infectious beats that are dancer-friendly has catapulted salsa into one of the most revered dance forms.
If you care to know how to dance salsa, these prerequisites need to be observed before taking a plunge to learn how to dance salsa.
Tip 1 - Salsa Dance Class To learn to dance salsa, it is deemed essential to get enrolled and take up private dance lessons.
While you take up private salsa dance lessons, the personalized attention showered by the experienced tutors go a long way in shaping your salsa steps.
There are schools that offer group classes, as you get initiated with the basic salsa steps and be on your way to learn more of the dancing techniques.
There is also the option of 'drop-in' classes, where occasional learning of this genre is made possible, as you can also practice the salsa steps learnt with that of a partner after the learning session.
While you take up private lessons, you are made to dance alone as the experienced tutor also makes it possible for you to learn the skills with the salsa partner.
Taking up private lessons to get equipped with good techniques is considered ideal as you can learn the essential tricks at your own pace.
Most importantly, salsa teachers will take you through the secrets of lead and follow, where the lead mode is for men and follow mode is for women.
Tip 2 - Basic Postures in Salsa Dance When you are keen to know how to dance salsa, you should also take note of the different postures taken up during the performance.
Salsa dance is performed with the man and woman facing each other, as in a close position, where the men are assumed to be the leaders and women tend to follow suit, which falls in line with the typical traditional form.
While the performance is carried out, the man gives what are called the claves to that of the woman, which are but signals given to the woman partner, which come in the form of pushes and tugs to make her take the dip or turn.
While learning this genre through a dance class, you'll be taken through the four contact points that ought to be maintained between woman and man during the learning sessions, and it is crucial to take note of this feature.
Tip 3- Salsa Dance Steps Though there is plethora of styles as well as many variations with regards to this genre, the beginners are taken through the most common and basic of the salsa steps.
The experienced salsa tutor in the salsa dance class will take the beginners through the essentials of the Forward Basic step as well as the Back Basic Movement, which are but two basic movements pertaining to this genre.
As a beginner, you'll also be let into the secret of this dance, which is but leaving the count 4 and 8 as when the count 1,2,3 and 4 gets carried out for dancing.
Also, dancing in the hand-to-hand position or closed dance position is brought to light as while you take up private dancing lessons.
In your quest to know how to dance salsa, you must have explored avenues, but, the ideal way is to take up private salsa dance lessons and enjoy a wealth of benefits.

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