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Springtime Bulletin Board Ideas for Two Year-Olds

    • Bulletin boards are a great way to send a message to your young audience, and 2-year-olds like lots of color. Seasonal bulletin boards -- such as a springtime bulletin board -- may cover multiple ideas and topics at one time. Bulletin boards don't have to be restricted to school use. You can put up a bulletin board in your home or at Church. Be creative and give the children something to stimulate their development.

    Spring into Action

    • Spring into action is a theme you may choose for your spring bulletin board. Cover the bulletin board in blue paper to simulate a pond. Cut strips of grass and frogs from green paper. Use yellow or brown paper to cut out lily pads for the frogs. This idea will stimulate a conversation with your 2-year-old regarding frogs and motivate interest in why they sit on lily pads or in the grass.

    April Showers Bring May Flowers

    • Talk to your child about the seasons and demonstrate the changes with a springtime bulletin board highlighting rain and flowers. Include large rain drops and lots of colorful flowers. Include the words April and May and teach the children the saying "April showers bring May flowers." Let your kids help place some of the flowers and grass around the bulletin board. Include some umbrellas, as well.

    Butterflies Flutter into Spring

    • Young children love colorful butterflies. Decorate your bulletin board with butterflies and flowers. Include the sun and some puffy clouds created from large cotton balls. Let the kids help with this project by coloring the butterflies and then telling you where to place them. While you work on the bulletin board, tell the children about how butterflies grow from the caterpillar to the beautiful final creature.

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